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  • Raina Schnider

Digital Storytelling ~ Un cuento digital

Digital storytelling is an effective way to relate personal stories for a cause. It is the use of spoken word to tell a story, against a visual background of photos and videos.

In a language attitudes course at UCalgary in winter 2020, Dr. Angela George asked us students to create our own stories and to express them in a digital storytelling format using written and spoken word, music, photos, and videos.

Dr. George encouraged us to use this project to investigate our own language attitudes, to provoke personal reflection, and to prompt deeper insights into the concepts we learned in the course.

Although I have been in various art and literature courses, nothing compares to the expression I was able to create through this digital storytelling project. It was one of the most poignant projects of my undergraduate experience. My final video is posted below, and the English transcript is available here.

As part of the process, I attended an event that showcased digital stories of immigrants and their experiences in different contexts and through different perspectives. The work done by master’s students Hortensia Barrios and Karina Hincapié to prepare this event and the showcased stories impressed upon me the impact of digital storytelling and led to a greater interest in the course project.

In preparation for this project, the graduate students also presented a seminar on digital storytelling and a seminar to introduce the online software we used to create our audiovisual story.

To begin the project, the students in the course were instructed to write a personal story about our journey learning a foreign language or about language attitudes, then we were to use the skills learned in the seminars to create an audio and visual story.

This project gave me the opportunity to explore expressing myself in Spanish in a different context, to share about my language journey, and to reflect on language attitudes in my life.


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